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Verb intranzitiv

a se gândi, a medita, a chibzui


a crede

Verb tranzitiv

a crede, a gândi


a concepe


a-şi imagina, a-şi închipui


a crede, a socoti


a gândi, a cugeta, a medita la

let me think  =  lasă-mă gândesc
I think so  =  aşa cred, cred da
to think well of  =  a avea o părere bună despre
think twice befors you speak once  =  chibzuieşte bine înainte de a vorbi
to think of / about  =  a se gândi la ceva
I think that it will rain  =  cred va ploua
I cannot think that  =  nu pot concepe aşa ceva
I can't think what you mean  =  nu-mi pot imagina ce vrei spui
to think fit to do smth.  =  a socoti potrivit faci ceva
to think it necessary to  =  a considera necesar
I thought to make it clearer  =  m-am gândit s-o redau mai clar
to think out  =  a examina serios, a aprofunda
to think out  =  a elabora (un proiect etc.)
to think out a plan  =  a elabora un plan
to think over  =  a reflecta la
I will think it over  =  voi reflecta
to think much of  =  a face mare caz de

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