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Use the dictionary for translating a word from Romanian to English. There are also available usual phrases/expressions using the translating words.

In this moment, the English-Romanian Dictionary has a number of 27.338 words in English as well as 21.386 translations of usual and less usual phrases, being at the same time extremely fast and easy to use.

Last searched words: cream, distortion, forward, footprint, economic, usual, water, toad, thrice, inception, same, void, you, another, wave, boring, opposite, more, praise, grocer.

Up to now, there is a number of 176.274.508 searched words, among 16.818 today.

Most searched words
1. Tuesday 252.033
2. issue 246.786
3. what 201.834
4. have 171.671
5. with 171.046
6. take 162.687
7. over 162.168
8. share 158.140
9. through 156.198
10. hold 146.096
11. mean 139.035
12. that 136.651
13. make 133.193
14. idle 130.387
15. your 126.702
16. provide 121.824
17. range 116.555
18. within 116.532
19. this 113.386
20. good 109.797

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