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Name:B Stefi
City: unspecified
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Last connected on Saturday, 19 apr 2008 02:56
Registered Thursday, 6 dec 2007 22:35
Contributions to English Romanian dictionary:
90 added words:
meerkat, blog, blogger, blogroll, spam, layout, flu, tonight, fulfill, sibling, plane, guideline, plain, fewer, enquiry, cellar, appraisal, labor, rehab, healthy, headquarter, environmental, download, anymore, http, plead, coverage, computer, longer, greater, nearby, sooner, mainstream, widget, headquarters, license, arrived, thickness, receivable, statutory, im, waiver, expected, worried, tier, doesn't, that's, covered, straightforward, media, upload, one's, accommodation, deployment, expertise, hight, non, I've, planning, wearing, mascara, toggle, tyre, crap, MRS, Rome, plan, months, ad, cufflinks, mildly, befool, thoroughly, befuddle, befog, unexpectedly, shivering, disgustful, disgusted, disgustingly, disgustedly, bolting, thunderstorm, frankly, unconscionable, unconsciousness, unemphatic, thinner, jotting, chipmunk
28 modified words:
be, bedeck, befriend, berate, bereave, bespeak, besprinkle, disgust, disquiet, fussy, hip, hundred, inquiry, loathe, misrepresent, monitor, muddle, rehabilitation, scold, seeming, shin, shin-bone, shiver, stalk, tired, unconscious, vivid, wallow
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